Twin Shaft Disperser

Twin Shaft Fix Disperser

Modern Engineering Company Twin Shaft Disperser are suitable for dispersing, dissolving, blending , Mixing adjusting in various industries such as Paint, Ink , Various Coating, Different Pigment etc. It Can disperse as well as dissolving materials with low requirements in final fineness and also can Mix the materials into final Production directly. The High Dispersing agitator Blade for the machine is Saw and tooth type Cowl’s disc. The Slow Dispersing agitator for the machine is anchor with Scrapper Mechanism type . The dispersing agitator rotates at high speed in the paste to turnover the materials strongly and Slow Agitator Dissolve the Product..

The Products Molecular become micro-size by the strong impact and shearing force during Mixing Thus purpose dispersing agitator can be fabricated according to the Vessels size & It will be ensure dispersers the materials inside the Vessel thoroughly to meet Production requirements.

The Function of Lower Speed mixer and High Speed disperser are integrated in one equipment. It has an catch up ability to process the highly viscosity and Sticky materials. Mixing and Dispersing Process is programmed, Which Makes it Suitable for Mixing, Dissolving and adjusting Various Kinds of Materials.


  • Disperser Speed Mechanism Single, Double & Multi Speed With Speed Adjustment Will be Provided.
  • Motor Stable and Flexible purpose Various type of Provided ( Like, Ex-Proof , Non Ex-Proof ).
  • Dispensers Stable and Flexing Lifting feature are Provided ( Hydraulic type lifting, Via chain Socket lifting and Pneumatic lifting arrangements, Motorized Mechanism )
  • Charing & Addition of Raw material Via Manually, Semi-Operating, Fully Operating System also Provided.
  • With Fix Top Lid Arrangement will be Suitable Require Client Connection will be provided.
  • Different Vessel Handle Mechanism will be Provided. ( Via Handle, Ratchet Belt, Pneumatically Operated and other Mechanism as per Client requirement .)
  • Various Installation method Will be Provided. ( Like, Floor type, Platform type Both are available )
  • Laboratory Model to Fully Large Production Scale Size Capacity Will be available.
  • Multi Vessel Mechanism will be Provided.


  • For Better Quick mixing, blending, Stirring, dispersing, dissolving , homogenizing and shearing of various liquids and semi solids Product Materials.
  • Used in Various Paint Manufacturing Industries ,
  • Various Emulsion / Resin Industries.
  • Various Ink Manufacturing Industries.
  • Various Speciality Chemical & Allied Manufacturing Industries.
  • Various Coating Manufacturing Industries.
  • Different Pigments, Adhesive , High Viscous Material Mixing Purpose.
  • Various Primer, Putty and Distemper Manufacturing Industries.
  • Dye stuffs Industries.
  • Carbon dispersions Industries.
  • Pesticides and Agriculture Industries

Twin Shaft Hydraulic Disperser

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