High-Speed Rotor Stator Shear Mechanism

Modern Engineering Company make Rotor – Stators are better Pre-mixing With efficient dispersing performance and uniform fineness through appropriate shearing action of the rotor-stator impeller and featuring an external pinned ring rotor.

First the product is suck axially downwards and then radials outwards through the pinned ring stator. between the Stator and rotor pins the product is exposed to a high frequency Crushing with a high shear rate approx. 7000 per second.

This Equipment are work head impeller consists of specific arrangement of rotor and stator pinned discs. In this Equipment the high speed rotation of rotor blades within work head exerts powerful suction force sucking the liquid and solid materials upwards from bottom of the Container in to centre of work head and due to centrifugal force they are subjected to Crushing between ends of rotor blades.

This Equipment are Use for the technology of emulsifying and homogenizing. It is suitable for industrial manufacturing in various type of industries Like, Paint, Different Ink, Fine Chemical, Pesticide, Various Food & Pharmaceutics, Cosmetic Etc.

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