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The Different Range of Modern Engineering Company Make Sigma Mixer ( Kneader) that we manufacture and export is extensively used for making Different stiff paints (OBD) and Different putty. The equipment made available in this Various range is twin basin kneading machine, Which is equipped with two horizontally arranged kneading blades. Mixing blades are deeply geared into one another and strip themselves reciprocally. Fabricated as per Client defined standards. These process equipment are make available in the Various capacity. We also carefully design Sigma Mixer for Different pigment and Different High Viscous ink industry, wherein these equipments are used for manufacturing specialty pigments and Different colours, among than others. The homogeneous mixing action incorporated by Sigma Mixers is a combination of shearing(Crushing), stretching, folding, Separating and recombining. Material put into the Mixer is processed between the sigma rotating blades and the container walls. Different Jacket arrangement of this machine are also applicable ( Like, Heating and Cooling Purpose )


  • Sigma Kneader is a Batch to Batch Type Mixer.
  • Ability to Handle Heavy Loads Due to Heavy Duty Gear Mechanism ( Static as well as Dynamic Type )
  • Sigma Mixers Blades are machining to put (min) equal gap between walls and blades.
  • In sigma Kneader, Mixing Trough Blades Which are fabricated from Different Material ( Like , M.S., SS 304 , and SS 316 , SS 316 L Grade )
  • Mixing Blade Shaft sealing into the stuffing boxes is Given by Teflon/ PTFE gland rope to prevent leak aging from blade Side ends.
  • Easy to Installation
  • Corrosion resistant surface finish
  • Easy to Operate the Machine.
  • Safety Guards and Grills are provided for maximum safety in sigma mixers.
  • Effective Energy efficiency. Etc.


  • Non GMP / GMP for Food and Pharmaceuticals ( Both Model are available )
  • Various Mechanism available For Final Product Discharge . ( Like , Container Tilting / Sliding Valve in Bottom / bottom Sliding gates / Flush bottom gate valves.
  • For Container Tilting In Sigma Kneader are done by Different Way We are Given. ( Like, By Hand liver / Hand wheel with lead screw / Electrical arrangements / Hydraulic systems./ Lifting of lead either manually, with help of counter weights or hydraulically. )
  • ‘Z’ Type Spiral blade / Nabbed / Twice nabbed Impellers to Rotate hot / cold water in cases of heavy Duty Mass.
  • Jacketed Container for heating or cooling by steam, oil, water etc. with fibre glass insulation over the jacket.
  • Spray system for liquid addition as well as gas purge.
  • Variable Speed Controller Drive for Speed Controlling Option Etc.
  • For Electrically Control Point of We Offer Both Option ( Flame proof / Non-flame proof )


The Sigma Kneader are applicable for many applications like, Homogeneous mixing, kneading, Dispersion, Drying etc. The sigma Kneader have uses to produce High viscous products like Various Chemical, Dyes & Pigments, Paint, Flush Colour, Printing ink, Polymers Plastic, Putties, Plastic, Stiff pastes, adhesives, polyester Compounds, Brake Lining compounds, Different PVC Coatings, Rubber Products, Confectionery, Magnetic Tape Coatings, Ceramic, Carbon Black, Food & Pharmacy Products, Fibre Glass, Various Grease, Lead type Storage Battery, Various Soap & Detergent Etc.



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