Planetary Mixer & Bail Out Press

Modern Engineering Company Multi Shaft Planetary Disperser as well as Mixer includes two blades that rotate on their own axes, while they orbit the mix vessel (also known as Vessel) on a common axis. The product to be mix are loaded into a cylindrical pot with a nearly flat bottom / Conical Disc End.

The Agitator continuously advance along the periphery removing Product from the pot wall and transporting it to the interior. After one rotation the Agitator have passed through the entire pot, after three rotation most of the products have been mixed and after only 36 rotations the Agitator have contacted virtually the entire Process batch.

The Power Transmission drive system of a double planetary mixer consists of a motor and a reduction gearbox that drives the planetary head. Each planetary Agitator is generally driven by reduction gears that rotate due to the motion of the planetary head. Variable type speed drives can be provided to operate the mixer over a wide range of Various speeds, Ensuring high torques even at lower speeds. Located below the drive system is a Spiracle cover for the Vessel. This cover may be provided with Client Size nozzles, liquid spray arrangement, or Port View.


A major advantage of this vertical type Multi Shaft Disperser mixer is the shaft sealing do not directly come in contact with the product . It may be charged into the Disperser either through the Various Size of nozzles on the top cover or directly loaded into the Disperser Vessel. Depending on the size of the Disperser, Either the bowl or the drive system of the mixer is lifted or lowered using hydraulic arrangement. The mixer bowl may be jacketed for circulation of heating or cooling media. The mixer can be designed for operation under pressure or vacuum.


  • For Better Quick mixing, blending, Stirring, dispersing, dissolving , homogenizing and shearing of various liquids and semi solids Product Materials.
  • Various High Viscous Compounds Manufacturing Industries ,
  • Various Emulsion / Resin Industries.
  • Various High Viscous Ink/ Wax Compound Manufacturing Industries.
  • Various Speciality Chemical & Allied Manufacturing Industries.
  • Various Coating Manufacturing Industries.
  • Different Sealant , Pigments, Adhesive , High Viscous Material Mixing Purpose.
  • Various Primer, Putty and Distemper Manufacturing Industries.
  • Dye stuffs Industries.
  • Carbon dispersions Industries.
  • Pharma and Biotech Product Manufacturing.
  • Dental Filler and Gel Product Manufacturing.
  • Battery Paste Product Manufacturing.
  • Metal Composites Product Manufacturing.

Planetary Mixer & Bail Out Press

Planetary Mixer

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