Horizontal Sand Mill

Horizontal Sand Mill

Modern Engineering Company Make Horizontal Sand ( Bead ) Mill is Wet grinding mill, Suitable for High efficiency Ultra-Fine industrial Continuous production. High energy intensive output, even smaller grinding fineness Under the function of strong shearing force, the large particle size material will be sufficiently dispersed and ground. With excellent length and diameter ratio, narrower particle size distribution.

The Horizontal Sand ( Bead ) Mill is generally made up by motor, transmission device, main shaft, grinding chamber, dispersing device, discharging device, inlet system, shaft sealing, main frame, protecting device and grinding media.


The working force between grinding media and material is generated from the high-speed rotation of dispersing device. Under the force of viscous resistance, grinding media and material moves along with dispersing device and be thrown to the cylinder inner wall by centrifugal force, forming double-circle turbulence. The strong inter-movements of grinding media form great shearing, pressing and abrasive force, making the material change shape and generate stress-field. When that stress reaches material yielding and breading limit, the material will be deformed plastically or pulverized. The without grind material will be thrown back to the cylinder inner wall by centrifugal force. In this zone, the density of grinding media reaches the highest point, thus making the pulverization more powerful. The fine final products will be separated from grinding media by separator and be discharged from the bead mill.


  • Simple structure and easy operation.
  • Easy to change the chuck on the central bar.
  • The mill bowl with water cooling jacket to do the grind and cooling at the same time.
  • Disperser installed on the central bar to disperse the material.
  • Grinder at different speed according to the requirement.
  • Lab size (2Ltrs.) to Production Capability size (300Ltrs.) also available.


  • Used in Various Paint Manufacturing Industries ,
  • Various Emulsion Industries.
  • Various Ink Manufacturing Industries.
  • Various Speciality Chemical & Allied Manufacturing Industries.
  • Various Coating Manufacturing Industries.
  • Different Wet Pigments Grinding Purpose.
  • Various Primer Manufacturing Industries.
  • Various wet grinding Dye Manufacturing Industries.
  • Pesticides and Agriculture Industries.
  • For Nano Particle in Digital Printing Ink Industries.
  • For Lithium Battery Manufacturing.

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