Conical Mixer ( Cone Screw Mixers )

Conical Type Screw Mixer Develop for a conical Vessel which houses a continue flight screw mechanism. The screw rotates about it’s own axis and revolves along the walls of the Vessel cone. The Product of widely different densities and particle shapes and sizes are Blend & mixed homogeneously without any degradation. Fragile filaments and Different flakes are safe from degradation and Blending as well as mixing is accomplished with minimal heat build-up and aeration in the Material.

Very Less Floor Space Required .The Conical mixer can be started on fully loaded. Due to the conical type of shape the unloading of the material is helped by gravity mechanism and it is complete without any hold-up. Liquid Addition are easily possible by different nozzles at the top of the Blender as well as mixer. There are no bearings or any seals in direct contact with the product.

Conical Type Mixer as well as Blenders are best suitable for mixing, granulation & homogenizing batch type process. It Cattle a Different range of Various applications from all types of powders including free flowing to cohesive & moist powders, bulk dry Product materials to wet cakes & Various slurries.

Conical Type Blenders are High sturdy and robust type Machine. They consists of a conical Container with dished /flat head. The central Blade shaft is driven from top end with gear Driver A double helical Type ribbon Blade agitator in the Container moves the Material upward along the outer wall and releases it down ward into cavities developed in the middle, Material is horizontally distribute by the Blending arm and it is homogenized.


  • This Type Screw Mixers Except Blending as well as Mixing Accuracy of Products Materials are mixed successfully to an accuracy of 1 part in 1,00,000(0.001 %) or better.
  • Helix type Blade Mechanism will Provided.
  • Less Mixing Time
  • Less Power Consumption
  • Proper Mixing Process Action.
  • Less Floor Space Required. with Start with Full Load Starting.
  • Fast and Total Discharge provision, Easily Liquid Addition During Mixing of Partial Batches.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Jacket as well as Limpet Provision With Insulation. ( For Heating and Cooling Purpose )
  • Capacities from 200 to 25000 Litters.
  • Ex-Proof provision will be Provided.


Various Applications Likes, Dyes- Dye-stuff, Herbal, Food and Pharma, Various Plastic, Ceramic, Agricultural Products, Shampoos, tooth paste, chocolates, gelatines etc.

Conical Blender

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