Batch Type Bead Mill

Batch Type Bead Mill

The Modern Engineering Company Make Batch type Bead Mill are design by specially Experience Person agitator shaft producer a fine grinding media.

The Batch type Bead Mill Vessel is made of S.S. as well as Mild Steel and jacketed will be Mild Steel with shell having inlet/outlet for cooling Arrangement for Fast grind, Low Noise and Less Power Consumption, Excellent For Continuous Output for fine Grinding with Economical every Size.

The highly produce of paints which can be produced by this Machine Process method should ensure that Grinding bead mill has a permanent place in the Various paint industry. Basically the Grinding Bead for grinding process consist in feeding a homogeneous mixture of a pigment/ product slurry through a cylindrical tank between the bead, which is being subjected to intense agitation. During Various passage upward through the agitated bead zone, The Grinding mill base is caught and ground between the bead particles – a strong shearing action which effect the dispersion of the pigment in to the Products. The agitation of the Grinding bead particles is produced by flat disk impellers which revolve at high rate of speed.

A ball valve With filter mechanism at bottom discharge during the batch in less time.

Batch type Bead Mill machine is mainly used and Applicable for Various Solvent base Paints, Inks, Pigment, Various Coating, Dye-Dye-Stuff, Food, Pharmaceuticals, Speciality Chemicals, Minerals, and Other allied Industries.

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