Plough Shear Mixer

Paddle Type Mixers are Generally designed to Scoop, lift and tumble products in a gentle, But thorough mixing process. While being mixed, the material rotates in a three dimensional pattern. The Product is constantly being pulled from the ends of the Paddle type mixer to the middle of the Shown Design.

Where the aggressive mixing are taking places. This Unique paddle type design are ideal for mixing solids or liquids of various particle size, density and viscosity.

This type of mixers efficiency when filled to as little as 20 % of rated capacity. Thus allowing flexible of batch Size. It’s agitators permit easier access for cleaning during batches.

The Plough type Shear Mixer is a Horizontal type mixer with cylindrical Vessel and horizontally installed mixing Solid and Hollow shaft. The Plough Type Shear mixer is designed for heavy duty Mixing or blending of both dry and wet material.

Plough shape Blades mounted on a central Solid and Hollow shaft with its sharp ends and easily penetrate through the dense or lumps powder and thick type pasty mass. Extra shear action can be attained by adding side mounted High Speed choppers Mechanism.


  • The Paddle Blade are position to move the product in different lateral directions as well as Radially.
  • The Paddle Blade are design where friable materials are being blended.
  • Paddle Type Mixer Consists of Various elements , A Centrally mounted and horizontal shaft that rotates within a cylindrical Vessel , Paddles Blade, Ploughs or Various Shaped Mixing elements that are attached to the centrally mounted shaft, Various type of openings at the top for feeding materials, flush fitting access doors at the front of the Paddle type mixer, A flush fitting discharge valve at the bottom of the Paddle type mixer, which is pneumatically, hydraulically or manually operated, And inside a cylindrical conduit and a complete drive unit will be provided.
  • Hygienic Design.
  • Suitable Various Product Accordingly Specific requirements.
  • Teflon Coated Internals For Various Food and Sticky Material Uses.
  • Jacket For heating or Cooling Purpose will be Provided when Wear resistance Plates For abrasive Products.
  • Vacuum Provision also will be provided.


There are number of products blending dry material, Powdery Granular, Short Fibered, Moist Solids and Liquids together with pasty substances up to and including highly Viscous masses purpose this type of Mixer are Uses.

  • For homogenous type mixing as well as Blending of pastes, rubber heavy plastic mass, food, pharma, Various chemicals etc.
  • Powder and Semi Solid Mixing as well as Blending and Cutting Fat in to Flour.
  • In Powder Mixing Soap addition of Oil & Liquid
  • Extending Various Colours.
  • Breaking Down Various Agglomerates.

Slow Speed Peddle Mixer

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