Pug Mixer – Ribbon Blender ( Single ‘U’ Type )

Ribbon Mixer ( Blender) are a less duty Mixer. Which are mainly used for easy to mix powder Products and which are pre-processed like dried granules, pre-sieved powders etc. It is a Low Shear Blender ( Mixer ) and mostly used for Solid With Solid Mixing.

For Solid With Liquid mixing can also be achieved when high shearing force is not available. It Cover less space for large Quantity Volume mixing .

This Blender also name are Single as well as Double U Type RIBBON Blender ( Mixer ). It’s Uses for the blending of Different materials in form of powder, Pellet and flake Form.


  • Non GMP/ GMP Both Models are Available.
  • Available in Single ‘ U shape as well as Double U Shape for Low to Large volume Capacity.
  • All Product Contact Parts available in stainless steel 304 / 316 / 316 L Grade.
  • Different Type of Blade mechanism will be Provided. Like, “S” , Ribbon type as well as Paddle type Agitator for Blending Fragile Materials.
  • Bearing mount on lantern out of mixing Station to avoid Cross contemn.
  • In Blender , The Provision of Feeding through a charging port mounted on top Position.
  • Due to Side Discharge Facility Reduced Material handling of processed materials.
  • For better Cross Contamination Control Air Purge on the Side Entry Seals Provided.
  • For Less Maintenance Belt driven power transmission and for Quieter environment Provided
  • For Finish Product Complete Discharge Continuous Ribbon Design Provided. As well as Side Discharge Arrangement for Total Containment Purpose.
  • During Different Stages of Mixing ( Blending ) Fine tuning the Shear Energy Variable Frequency Drive also Provided.
  • Different Capacity available ( Like, Lab Scale Size 5 L to Production Larger Scale 10,000 L Can be Provided. )


  • Different Chemical Industries
  • Different Resin Industries.
  • Various Pesticides Manufacturing Industries.
  • Various Coating Manufacturing Industries.
  • Variant Pigment Industries.
  • Detergent Industries.
  • Food and Pharmaceuticals Industries.
  • Ceramics & Plast Additives Manufacturing Industries.
  • Construction Chemical as well as Mortar Powder Industries.
  • Cosmetic Powders Mixing & Many Others Applications.

Pug Mixer – Ribbon Blender ( Double ‘U’ Type )

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