Resin Plants & Emulsion Plants

Modern Engineering Company has a vast experience in manufacturing best quality, efficient and highly preformatted Various type of Resin & Emulsion Plants. With perfect application and Uses of engineering standards and procedures and implementing project management ideas. We manufacture, supply & install Plants as a turnkey project. Our Supply plants in India and abroad has Show our durability, simplicity, cost effective, quality and performance. Resins are transparent and viscous type of materials which are commonly used for production of paints and coatings. The durability of the paint depends upon the quality of the resin used in production of paints and coatings. Resins are used for binding the pigment particles to the substrate, forming a layer of film on the surface. Depending upon the functional properties of paint, we are using the resins with different composition. Our engineering service to the resin plants include:

  • Feasibility of studies
  • Existing facility enhancements or expansions of Client.
  • With Turnkey projects
  • The plants comprise set of several machineries and other components. Modern Engineering Company possess all required facilities to carry on the entire works in one roof.
  • Our aim of ‘guaranteed satisfaction’ is achieved by fully customized design and features according to the customers’ need.
  • Available in wide range of batch capacities to suit the process and your requirement.
  • Our Plant Machinery and processes are safe, easy and convenient in operation without any hassles.
  • We design and manufacture our machines with latest industry standards and comply with international standards of engineering.
  • Economical Budget Oriented.
  • Entire machines, operation area are safe, as we offer every product in explosion proof options.
  • A dedicated team well versed with product manufacturing, process knowledge, troubleshooting, project management.
  • Smart features include speed controller, temperature and pressure monitoring devices, SCADA based operation, programmable logic controller (PLC), HMI control panel, touch panels, limit switches, sensors, auto-valves and several other highly advanced features.
  • Short manufacturing and hand over time.
  • Superior materials, components used to construct our resin plants impart maximum durability with sturdy and robust characteristics.
Resin And Emulsion Plants Modern Engineering Company

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