Reactor & Distillation Column ( GMP & Non GMP )


Between Exothermic reaction heat will be produce by reactants and during Endothermic reaction heat will be absorbed. In both the processes temperature should be controlled as per process requirements for the perfect result. A jacketed vessel will Provided for them.

During reaction, temperature of reactants is controlled by circulating heating or cooling media through the Mild steel as well as SS 304/ 316 jacket. Ideally suitable for the heating below 150 Degrees. Commonly used heat transfer media include water, steam, hot oil .


Limpet coil reactor vessels are used to control the temperature of the reactor with the help of heating or cooling media circulated through SS 304 / SS 316 make Limpet coils surrounding the main vessel. as well as Inside the Vessel. Ideally suitable for medium heat transfer requirement and heating application where heating media temperature is above 150 Degrees. Limpet Coils are half piped welded on the outer side of the main vessel as well as the Inside the Main vessel.

  • Limpet coil reactor can be used for Fast heating or cooling Purpose during the reactions.
  • Available in the Various range of 500 Litter to 25,000 Litter Capacity.
  • GMP range of equipments available for Pharmaceutical industry. With mirror finish from 220 grit to 440 grit, smooth welding, flush grinding and Insulation with mirror finished S.S cladding
  • Adheres to ASME and other standards with special attention to Argon and Arc welding procedures
  • Achieve heating and cooling in one reactor with Double coil design
  • Energy efficient direct drive design for the agitator , with VFD option to vary the RPM of the drive
  • Offered in Stainless Steel 316L,316,304 or Carbon Steel material
  • Vessel design with form cutter for the process which generates forms
  • Spirals welded on outer surface of the main vessel for uniform circulation of heating or cooling media like steam, oil, water etc. And also provides extra strength to the main vessel
  • Manufactured as per your specifications
  • Manufacturing facilities approved by the renowned consultants and Third party inspection agencies
  • Save Energy using two part Jacket design for smaller batch
  • Save time and money with our Value added products and services like Process Automation, valves and fittings
  • Agitator design to suit the reactants viscosity and density

Distillation is a process of separating material , Product substances (fractions) from the whole (liquid mixtures) through vaporization and condensation. As substances (fractions) of liquid to be distilled have different temperate for vaporization, A system should be designed to facilitate vaporization, condensation and removal of the various condensates. This Process removes fractions of whole and it’s specifically known as fractional distillation.

All Distillation equipments are also offered individually or as a system. It can be part of Alcohol distillation system or solvent recovery system or complete system for Alcohol, Ethanol distillation or we can also manufacture distillation system for your proprietary distillation process.

  • Reliable and proven. With more than 25 years of experience
  • All equipment available in Carbon steel or Stainless steel
  • Assistance in installing the system
  • Manufactured as per your drawings and specifications
  • Manufactured as per ASME
  • Strident quality assurance system
  • Choice of buying Automation components of the renowned brands
  • Complete supply of Pipes and Valves for the plant.

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